Sunday, June 26, 2022

Viral video: Buffalo herd fights with lioness to get their calf back


Like humans, animals also do care for their families, in one such viral video, love and care of a buffalo herd can be seen for their calf.

In the video, a buffalo herd can be seen fighting with the lioness bravely to get their calf back. The video has gone viral on various platforms.

We have often seen lionesses being tossed in the air or chased away by a herd of buffaloes while they were hunting. In this viral video, we see a similar scene where the whole buffalo herd comes to save the calf and scares away a lioness.

The calf’s mother and other buffaloes try to get it back from the mouth of the lioness, who was dragging the calf away. Finally, the buffaloes manage to free the calf and scare away the lioness.

The video was uploaded on Instagram by the page ‘beauty.wildlifee’ and received over 13,400 views.


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