Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Scary video: Cloud of birds suddenly fall from sky in Mexico


A video on social media that sees a cloud of birds falling from the sky because of mysterious circumstances in Mexico is viral.

The viral video, shared by the UK-based news agency Daily Mail, sees the blackbirds taking off in Mexico but many of them suddenly fall dead on a street.

The report mentioned that the police were informed of the eerie situation after locals in the Alvaro Obregon area of Cuauhtemoc city of the Chihuahua state.

The investigation is underway for determining their cause of death.

A veterinarian, who investigated the scene, suggested that the incident took place as a result of inhaling toxic fumes or being electrocuted due to the overloading of the roosting power lines.

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After the viral video made rounds, the netizens have come up with different theories as to what could have happened.

“Looks more like the lead birds got confused, the dead birds look more like a result of a collision with the surface given that the surviving members of the flock flew back up,” a user wrote while another called the incident to be “apocalyptic!”

“This is incredibly scary and not the first story I’ve read about similar incidents happening across the world,” a third user.

Previously, more than 200 dead birds were found dead in a single morning around the World Trade Centre in the United States.


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