Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Anger on social media as drone explodes inside alligator’s mouth


A viral video of a drone exploding inside an alligator’s mouth has angered social media users.

The bizarre clip, posted on YouTube by Viral Vids channel, sees the object flying over the water before the reptile grabs hold of it and starts eating.

It seemingly busted inside the gator’s mouth, as smoke began coming out of it.

The video came with an explanation apparently by the drone’s operator.

“We were trying to get a close-up of the gator with its mouth open and thought the obstacle avoidance would make the drone fly away,” it read.

The video continued to make rounds after Sundar Pichai, the Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet and its subsidiary Google, shared the clip on his Twitter account.

A report by Complex stated that the gator named “George” is said to be doing well and “still looked hungry after.”

The social media users were left furious while some called for action against the drone’s operators.

They also criticized those who thought the video to be hilarious and light mannered.

It is not the first time that the flying object had come across animals or birds. Here are some clips:

Expedition Wildlife mentioned on its website that the use of drone technology is gaining popularity as it help in counting animals. Moreover, they are useful to track animals and birds.

The use of drones near the endangered animal is considered an abuse to wildlife in many countries and comes with heavy fines for the rule violators.


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