Wednesday, August 10, 2022

WATCH: Lions prove to be no match for buffaloes


A viral video shows a pride of lions running to safety when a buffalo launched an attack on them.

The video was filmed by a guide named Jonty Bozas in South Africa when he was giving a tour of the MalaMala Game Reserve on August 22.

Then, another buffalo comes charging at them – knocking several of them away while the rest scatter.

“The bulk of the herd had moved off by the time the lions managed to single out a buffalo bull but when they heard their fellow buffalo bellowing for help they came to the rescue,” Bozas said about the viral video as quoted by the Daily Mail. “The lions were not impressed by being chased off and tried to regroup and rally together to get another buffalo down.”

He added: “We had spotted the herd of buffalo the evening before, and had seen the lions trailing them. We decided to go out on morning safari super early the following morning and luckily we did as it took us a while to find the herd and lions again.”

Bazos further said that a total of nine lions were hunting the buffalo for four hours straight

“During the morning that was the second time that they had managed to get on the back of a buffalo. There was a little bit more chasing done by the buffalo and the lions ended up lying up in a dry river bed before the herd continued to move in the opposite direction,” he said.

He said that the lion, which came under attack, joined his pride later.

Lion is called the “King of the Jungle” but it doesn’t mean that they are fearless.

Thick-skinned animals such as rhinoceros, elephants etc can be dangerous for the animals. Fails are also dangerous foes for the cat family due to their deadly horns.

A 2014-video, uploaded on YouTube, shows a hippopotamus breaking a lion’s jaw.

A Nat-Geo Wild YouTube video sees an elephant – with its calf – successfully fending off the pride surrounding them.

A four-minute clip also showed why crocodiles can be deadly for the cat family when it came up against two lions.


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