Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Viral video: Man trying to scare away bear that broke into his vehicle


In a video that went viral on social media, a man was seen risking his life while trying to scare away a fully grown black bear that had broken into his car.

The incident reportedly took place in Gatlinburg, Tennessee that is known for its bears.

It showed a man while unlocking the front door of his vehicle to let the bear out. He flailed his arms around and a loud shout as the bear comes out of the vehicle and takes a look at the people standing around the car before taking off into the wild.

The video of the encounter was posted on a TikTok account @bear_inna_car a week ago by a man named Joseph Deel.

Deel said he had to abandon his car at the side of the road after it was damaged by the bear. This gave looters a chance to steal the battery and the car catalytic converter.

“Turns out that bears… bears will break into your car and they’re actually quite good at it because they tested the closest neighbour’s doors as well and they tested my friend’s car doors. I was just the one that was lucky enough to win the TikTok lottery,” said Deel.

Deel said he and his friends stumbled upon the bear at 7 AM after being awakened by the sound of continuous honks.

“After around seven or eight honks, my friend comes downstairs and he’s in a really panicked state. His panicked state woke me up from the state that I was in. I immediately thought ‘oh yeah, we’re on a mountain in the middle of the woods. There’s hardly anybody else around us.’ We both go outside and as soon as we open the door, we can see my car moving like crazy,” said Deel.


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