Saturday, June 25, 2022

Viral video: Man uses hands to take out chicken from boiling oil


The video of a street food seller in India taking out a cooked chicken from boiling hot oil with his bare hands has gone viral on social media.

A foreign news agency reported that the viral clip was recorded from an eatery named Ali Chicken Centre in the city of Jaipur. The clip sees the man, identified as Sailesh, putting his hands inside the hot oil and taking out the chicken with ease.

It ends with the food seller handing the chicken to another employee who marinates it with what looks like spice powder.

However, Shailesh isn’t the only cook who possesses such skills in the country.

A 67-year-old owner of Ganesh restaurant in India’s capital city New Delhi named Prem Singh cooks deep fry fish using only his hands as well. He is a veteran and has 30 years of experience.

It is to be noted that there are people all over the world who come up with unique dishes and cooking strategies.

Previously, a YouTuber named Louis Weisz showed the world cooking the chicken with constant slaps. He experimented with the method in a video that actually raked over 7 million views.

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As weird as it might sound, he showed chicken can be cooked if slapped continuously for some time until it reaches a certain temperature.

In school, you might have learned the physics’ theory of heating an object with potential and kinetic energies but actually exercising it to a point one cooks one’s meals, sounds a bit off.

He was so engrossed in it that he said he was looking to create a machine that would slap at a faster rate, with minimal heat loss and more impact control.

Weisz first tried to cook the chicken but fails. He then starts making a machine that can slap the chicken. In the end, he cooks the chicken by slapping it about 135,000 times.


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