Monday, January 17, 2022

Viral video: Nail art works as a chai ki challni


The video of an artist manicuring a nail to make it look as if it is a makeshift chai ki challni (tea sieve) has gone viral across social media.

A video, shared by Instagram user @ilysmnail, see a designer sculpting a nail. A hole is created in the centre of a fake nail and goes on to add a strainer mesh that would work as if it is a sieve.


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A cup of chai [tea] is then poured through her nail which can be used as a tea strainer. To top it off, a piece of elaichi (cardamom) drops on the “strainer”.

The netizens came up with strange and hilarious comments regarding the clip.

A user said that he could not figure out whether they should be impressed or not while another thought of it as a deep-fry basket.

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A third netizen claimed that it was cool but it first looked a studio microphone was being designed while the fourth hoped that the coffee filter version comes around as well.

Recently, a clip of a nail artist putting a fish inside a false nail made round.

The clip sees the artist creating a nail extension where the fish was to be inserted. A woman’s nail was then manicured after which an extension was put over it.

A little fish was picked before putting inside the nail extension that contained water before taking the fish after seconds.


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