Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Viral video: Robot displays perfect mimicry of human emotions, facial expressions


A video of a humanoid robot has gone viral that displayed perfect mimicry of human emotions and facial expressions.

A surprising Twitter video posted by EHA News showed another masterpiece of artificial intelligence in which a humanoid robot is replicating human emotions and facial expressions.

The life-like creation has human-like eyes, hair, eyebrows, lips and nose. The video was shared on January 13 and so far garnered over 23.9 views, 47.6k likes and thousands of retweets.

Netizens have been left baffled by the life-like creation and reacted to the video.

On the post, a user shared another humanoid robot named Ameca made by a British company that has facial movements just like humans and can speak back.

A user wrote, “Oh my god scientific community! Fix the planet! Stop working on our human replacements!! This is terrifying.”

Another said, “Thought I had seen this robot before”


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