Tuesday, June 28, 2022

VIRAL but SCARY: Mysterious sea creature chases fisherman


A scary video of a fisherman getting chased by a mysterious sea creature with glowing eyes is viral on social media platforms.

The viral 47-second footage was filmed in the Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil on a speedboat. It sees the boat accelerating at top speed as the strange creature swims closer to it.

It caught the attention of Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram users. The on-screen text of the video read, “wanted to attack me”.

The video sees the mysterious sea creature diving out of the water approximately ten times during its chase. It is speculated that two glowing lights might be its eyes. The netizens mentioned the glow was due to the light reflection.

The chase came to an after it could not control itself because of the slipstream from the speedboat.

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Several netizens, some of them who were scared by the video, say it was probably a season.

Marine life continues to amaze human beings and the humans come across weird and eye-catching sea creatures now and then.

Previously, social media users were taken aback when the viral pictures of a creature that looked like a brown jelly-like blob in the Queensland state of Australia went rounds.

A marine researcher Dr Lisa Gershwin hypothesized that resembles a lion’s mane cyanea barkeri. She went on to say that it is chocolate brown and is common in the Australian state.


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