Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Viral video: Two women fight over seat in Delhi Metro


You must have witnessed many fights over a bus seat but recently a video of two women fighting over a seat in Delhi Metro is going viral on social media.

In the viral clip, a woman in a yellow saree is seen seated comfortably with her bag on an empty seat while a woman in orange kurta struggles to find a seat for herself in Delhi Metro. The argument begins when the woman, wearing saree, says she won’t offer the empty seat and the other woman goes on to sit in the small gap between her and another passenger.

The woman in the yellow saree said that she had reserved the empty seat for someone she’s waiting for but the other woman says she can’t reserve a seat like this. The kurta-clan woman forcibly sits at the empty gap squeezing the other woman.

The first woman then says that she can’t make her sit on her lap, to which the kurta woman responds saying she’s not asking to sit in her lap.

The video shared by a Twitter user has gone viral with more than 168k views and 5,100 likes so far


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