Sunday, June 26, 2022

Wedding guests fight with employees over food, video goes viral


A video of wedding guests fighting with venue employees over food in India is going viral across social media platforms.

The incident took place in Muradabad city of Uttar Pradesh state.

An India-based news agency stated the brawl started as they were waiting for the food to open. Their patience ran out and the guests attacked the employees. 

The viral video sees wedding guests landing punches and kicks while many others were hitting the worker with belts.

There were injuries reported in the incident. The wounded persons were taken to a hospital for treatment.

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Police reached the scene when the video made rounds on social media platforms. A complaint against four persons, who are still at large. 

Police said that the culprits will be identified through the video and will be apprehended soon.

It is pertinent to mention that videos of wedding guests’ commotion over food can be found on social media. A clip seeing a huge crowd of wedding guests running to get food made rounds.

The Instagram clip sees the waiters starting to open the lid of the dishes. They had to get out of their way when the huge crowd of people dashing towards the food.

An elderly man, who looked to be the most excited, was the first to get his hands on the plate. He started piling food on it. It was not long when the people were flocking to get everything they could at their hands.


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