Friday, May 27, 2022

VIRAL: Woman cuts down bridal dresses over money dispute


A video of a Chinese woman destroying bridal dresses after she was not returned the deposit money of a cancelled order is viral.

The viral footage, shared on Twitter by What’s On Weibo, shows the woman named Jiang cutting the white dresses with scissors in a shop located at Jiangjin district.

“This angry customer at a Chongqing bridal salon took out scissors and cut up wedding dress after wedding dress,” the tweet read.

It was mentioned that the woman ruined 32 wedding dresses – worth at least $11,000 – because she was refused her $550 deposit for her postponed wedding back.

The person, who was filming the incident, was telling the woman that each dress was of thousands of dollars to which she said that she does not care even it was for tens of thousands of dollars.

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She was taken into police custody and apologized for her behaviour.

The shop owner said that her husband had offered to compensate for their losses but they have not received a single penny from him.


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