Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Wanna quit smoking? Just use lime juice


Good news for people who want to quit the life-sucking habit of smoking, a recent study has proved that using lime juice can help you quit smoking, way better than nicotine gums. 

According to research by students of Serena university’s Department of Medicine, fresh lime juice has proven to be way more effective in quitting smoking than nicotine gums and other substitutes.

The students conducted an experiment on young smokers over 18 years of age who wanted to quit smoking but were unable.

The participants were divided into two groups, 47 participants were provided lemon as a remedy to quit smoking while the remaining 53 were given the conventional nicotine gum.

How did lime juice prove effective to quit smoking? 

Lime juice is a side effectless, easily available, and cheap substitute to the conventional nicotine gums that are used to quit smoking.

Data collected from the participants showed that the people who used lime juice reported having less desire to smoke, while people with nicotine gums did not have any significant changes.

Lemon juice, along with its numerous health benefits, alkalines the tissue of the body which helps to reduce the urge to smoke.

It is to be noted that lemon juice does not provide the body with any nicotine but reduces the urge to smoke while nicotine gums provide your body with small dosages of nicotine that can help you quit over time.

The results of the research showed that there was no significant change in the amount of


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