Monday, October 18, 2021

WATCH: Dubai man uses scorching heat to cook egg on road


A man in Dubai stunned viewers when he showed level of extreme heatwave in the city by cooking an omelet on road and that too without any fuel or oil.

The summer months are on going and temperature in the UAE has been hovering around 50°C.


egg on road

In a video released by fatafeat channel on Instagram, it shows a man cooking egg outdoors under the sun without a stove. He starts the video by informing us that the pan has been in the sun for 10 minutes.

Heat on dubai


sweltering heat

He then proceeds to add oil to the pan, break an egg and sprinkles it with salt, pepper. The egg cooks under a minute in the heat of the sun.

He wraps up by saying, “This is how we do it in Dubai. Sunny side up.. it’s ready”

Earlier last month, news went rounds on the social media showing truck tyres sinking in the melting road as the temperature in the region touched 52°C.



A video is making rounds on the social media, showing a truck sunk into the street’s asphalt as the roads are ‘melting’. Though location of the video is unclear, but people who commented on the clip sees it as Saudi Arabia or Kuwait.
Here it is:

VIDEO: When it was so hot in Indian state Odisha and a man made use of the blistering heat by frying an egg on the road without using any fuel or oil



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