Thursday, October 6, 2022

WATCH: Jewellry shop owner fights off suspected thieves with his gun


A Californian jewellry shop may seem like an obvious target for a burglary, but the shop’s owner foiled a gang of would-be thieves’ plan when he fought back and flashed his legally owned gun.

The brave man, identified as Usman Bhatti bravely fought off five smash-and-grab robbery suspects at his store inside the Tanforan Mall in San Bruno during the afternoon of January 21KTVU reported.

According to police, Bhatti pointed his gun after one of the men cracked a display case and then threatened him with a crowbar.

In the video clip the jewellery shop owner can then be seen pulling out his gun and pointing it toward the would-be robber and yelling at him to stop in no time. The crowbar-wielding suspect fled toward the food court, authorities said.

Another male suspect whipped out his own gun and aimed it at Bhatti, police said.

Usman raised his own gun and pointed it at the man. who subsequently ran away with other suspects.

No shots were fired during the attempted robbery and no injuries were reported.

After the foiled robbery attempt, the brave jewellery shop owner said: “I’m not trying to be a hero or a macho man. It just happened very quick and I had no choice.”

The suspects were described as men in their teens to early 20s.


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