Monday, September 27, 2021

WATCH: Motorcyclist run over by a bus, escapes unhurt


In a miraculous escape, a motorcyclist remained unhurt after being run over by a bus in the Indian state of Gujarat.

As per Indian media, the viral video is of Gujrat’s district headquarters town of Dahod.

A video of the incident has now gone viral on the internet and it looks straight out of the clips that are shared regarding impossible escapes from accidents.

The incident took place on Monday afternoon on the Godhra road to Jhalod highway Dahod.

It so happened that the youth, who was trying to overtake a state transport bus rashly, was hit by the bus.

He fell off his motorcycle and came under the bus even before the vehicle could apply brakes.

However, as soon as the bus stopped, he wriggled out from under it and even went to check his motorcycle.

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