Friday, September 30, 2022

Watch: Phone operator saves 17-day-old baby’s life


A phone operator woman from an emergency services call centre in Argentina saved a baby’s life by performing a timely CPR.

The baby had stopped breathing due to bronchial aspiration during breastfeeding.

The 17-day-old was brought to the hospital after she suffered from bronchial issues during breastfeeding and stopped breathing.

The CCTV footage of the incident shows that a well-trained, quick-thinking phone operator took charge and performed CPR until she revived the baby.

The video shows how the woman revives the baby with a cool head as chaos ensues around her.

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The video of the heroic act by the emergency worker was shared over Instagram with the caption “There was no time to wait, so Alma Cristal Barraza, who works at the emergency services call centre stepped into action to save 17-day-old Marcos who stopped breathing due to bronchial aspiration while his mother was breastfeeding him. The baby was taken to the hospital and survived the ordeal thanks to the quick-thinking hero!”

The video, shared just three hours ago, has gathered over 37,000 likes on Instagram

Social media users have opened up in praise for the heroic worker, one user called her a “guardian angel”, while another one said, “She took charge and stayed calm❤️ what a woman.”


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