Monday, January 17, 2022

Watch: Seal hides on boat when surrounded by killer whales


A seal jumped onto a boat to take refuge while a pod of whales circled around to hunt it down.

The video of the terrifying encounter that first emerged in 2016 is going viral once again.

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The clip shows the seal jumping onto the deck of a boat on the rear end. The scared seal can be seen gasping for breath as whales tried to follow it to the boat.

The incident occurred in British Columbia when a tour guide stopped his boat with guests in an area known for transient killer whales.


Kirk Fraser, who shared the video, said the seal scrambled to climb up onto the boat while the whales came closer to the engine. The seal fell off the boat and jumped back about three times.

“That was my first time ever seeing killer whales… I’ve never seen anything like it, I don’t think anybody else has ever seen anything like it,” Fraser said.

He added the encounter lasted about 45 minutes.

“We obviously weren’t going to touch the seal, we weren’t going to interfere with anything,” Fraser said.


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