Monday, January 17, 2022

WATCH: Woman baffled after finding mysterious creature ringing doorbell


A video has gone viral that showed a mysterious creature continuously ringing doorbell which left the woman inside the house left baffled after she found out the reality behind the creepy projection on the security footage.

A woman was left bewildered after her doorbell kept ringing continuously at an odd hour, however, she later spotted the visitor a harmless one after watching the security footage.

Lianne Jennings was left more perplexed after seeing a mysterious projection on the screen while checking the security footage.

The video shared by NowThis on Twitter on November 26 showed the strange creature kept sliding. The video has garnered 113.5k views so far.

The woman then realised that the visitor was actually a slug that had found its way to her door and had settled near the doorbell.


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