Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Guest takes away 10 tubs of food from wedding buffet, shocks hosts


We have seen all kinds of guests at weddings around us. From those who fight over who gets to take the food first to those who try to sneak a couple of drumsticks in their bags, some guests sometimes forget they need to be more appropriate at someone’s function of a lifetime.

But a bride was shocked to find out a guest of hers had taken ten containers full of food with her to savour on later.

Sharing her ordeal on a Facebook group specially made to shame such guests, the bride wrote that she had invited her dad’s best friend on her wedding, so that her dad would have someone to socialise with.

She wrote that her dad’s friend in turn sought permission to invite his daughter and her husband, and the bride couldn’t say no to them out of courtesy.

But on the wedding day, the woman showed up without her husband but with ten containers. She filled them all from the buffet table, took two bottles of bear, dropped a gift box, and left.

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The bride didn’t notice it happening, obviously because of her marriage, but her dad told about it next day and told her that she had a gift from that woman.

When they opened the gift box, it just had a $5 note in it.

“Before anyone asks, she’s not poor by any stretch of the imagination. She’s probably better off than I am, and I’m assuming it’s because she just freeloads from anyone and everyone she can! But seriously! Who tf does this?”, she wrote.


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