Sunday, September 19, 2021

Wedding horse runs away with Indian groom, video goes viral


Dramatic scenes were witnessed in India’s Rajasthan as a wedding horse ran away with the groom, creating quite a commotion ahead of the wedding.

According to Indian media reports, the incident happened in Rampura village near Ajmer in India’s Rajasthan.

The groom was waiting to enter the wedding venue when crackers startled the horse and it ran off with the groom sitting on its back. The groom tried to get off the horse but failed.

The hilarious incident was caught on camera and video of a wedding horse running away with the groom has gone viral on social media.

The wedding guests and relatives followed the groom for four kilometers in their cars and bikes. Fortunately, the groom was not injured in the entire funny episode and was taken back to the wedding venue safely.

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