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Stranger Things: What went into making Vecna look what it looked like!


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If you have streamed season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’ [which you must have], you are no stranger to Vecna – the monster-like creature who created havoc in Hawkins.

Vecna – played by Jamie Campbell Bower – is a murderous creature in Hawkins who emerged as the main antagonist in the recently released season 4 of sci-fi horror. Touted as the ‘Best villain’ of the series in the four-season run, Vecna is a terrifying monster who preyed and killed several high school students in the Indiana town of Hawkins.

However, what’s interesting to know here is the character transformation of Bower into the deadly creature. Are you also intrigued to know how the handsome hunk got into the skin of the horrifying Vecna, then keep reading.

The answer to the mind-boggling shift lies in prosthetics, special effects makeup and a very little of CGI (computer-generated imagery).

As per the sources, the very first application of the prosthetics on Bower – after the designer sketched the iconic character – took eight and a half hours, which with practice was brought down to six hours and 21 minutes by the special effects team.

Moreover, the structure took 25 pieces of latex or silicone rubber substances, which were attached to the skin using a medical adhesive and resulted in a massive density of approximately 30 pounds.

Additionally, ‘Stranger Things’ has used CGI to an extent in most of its scenes and digital effects.

As per the prosthetic master’s statement to a Foreign-based news agency, “They have this artwork, which is beautiful, and we had the name of the character, but we didn’t have any backstory at all.”


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“We knew it was from the Upside Down, but we had no idea if this character was once human and we had no idea the whole story arc would be told throughout this season,” he stated further. “From a makeup effects team point of view, none of us was privy to Jamie’s role as the orderly, and all of the scenes he shows with Eleven. So now actually seeing it for the first time, we’re in awe of this whole story arc.”

Claiming it as one of the most expensive sized prosthetic makeup in his career span, Bower also drew a comparison between Vecna and Night King, the villain from HBO’s popular series ‘Game of Thrones’.

‘Stranger Things’ returned to the streaming giant Netflix with the first part of its highly-anticipated season four on May 27, promising more supernatural horrors besetting the fictional Indiana town of Hawkins, while, Volume 2 is slated to stream two days later, on July 1.

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