Monday, May 23, 2022

WhatsApp brings new update for voice messages, Focus mode


WhatsApp is bringing another update for its iOS15 users in order to introduce better voice memos, support for Focus mode and group and profile photos alongside notifications.  

The update with version 22.2.75 for iOS 15 users started hitting devices in the United States.

Through the WhatsApp update, voice messages can be paused and resumed – a swipe up will start recording, as usual, but now there’s also a play/resume toggle, instead of the lone “stop recording” square button.

Focus mode allows you to filter notifications and apps. With WhatsApp being part of the program, you will now be able to choose whether you want to receive notifications from Meta’s messaging platform.

These features will roll out “over the coming weeks”, the changelog reads, but it is important for users to be on Apple’s latest iOS.

In another recent update, WhatsApp chat could now be transferred between Android and iOS devices after the messaging app owned by Meta plans to introduce a new update.

That was revealed by the source code found of WhatsApp 22.2.74 beta for iOS.

However, the migration process would not be straightforward and would require both devices to have the app installed and would likely involve a cable or a private Wi-Fi connection.

In comparison, other messaging apps store and sync user data using Google Drive, iCloud or their own cloud service.


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