Thursday, February 2, 2023

Woman gets eye injury after friends smash her face into birthday cake


A celebratory event has turned into a sorrowful incident when the woman got a serious eye injury after her face was smashed into her birthday cake by her friends.

It was learnt that when the woman cut the cake to celebrate her birthday, her face was smashed into the layered cake by her friend and one of the wooden sticks stuck in her eyelid causing heavy bleeding. Bakers use wooden sticks to give support to a multi-layered cake.

The photos of a woman, who sustained an injury near her eye, have gone viral on social media after being shared on Facebook.

woman cake wooden stick eye injury viral photos

The woman started screaming in pain and saw blood coming out from her eyelid. She was immediately taken to a nearby hospital where the doctors removed the wooden stick.

Luckily, she has narrowly escaped losing her eyesight following the incident.

Through the post, the people were asked to be cautious by not smashing people’s faces directly into the cake.


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