Sunday, May 22, 2022

Woman collapses after anxiety attack at airport


A video of a woman who collapsed at the security checkpoint after being allegedly denied boarding an Air India flight is going viral across social media platforms. 

The viral video was shared on Instagram by user Vipul Bhimani, the woman’s nephew. It sees her lying on the floor beside her bag and luggage. 

Vipul Bhimani wrote he, his cousin and his aunt – a heart patient and diabetic – were at the Indra Gandhi International Airport in the capital New Delhi. He said the delay was due to technical issues at the security check-in counter.

The Instagram user blamed the staff for not solving the problem, saying it was none of their concern. 

He added they contacted Air India to inform them they were heading to the boarding gate 32B but will board the flight after a five-minute delay because of the woman’s health issues.

Vipul Bhimani said his cousin reached the boarding gate within two minutes but the doors were closed. He added his cousin was to give an examination, which he missed. It led to the woman getting an anxiety attack. 

He also claimed Air India staff did not provide them with medical assistance. 

Air India, in its statements, said the video was misleading. 

In their statement, passengers were told to come to the boarding gate after it was closed even when they were called to report several times. 

They claimed that a doctor was called to tend to her but the “passenger started feeling better when the doctor arrived on the spot & declined any medical or wheelchair assistance”.


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