Monday, May 23, 2022

Woman suffers heart attack moments after confronting robbers at home


In a shocking incident, a woman suffered a heart attack after robbers broke into her property and took away valuables after she put a resistance before being tied up.

The incident occurred in Argentina and the entire episode was captured on CCTV cameras, showing the suspects entering the residence and overpowering the mother of three after indulging in a scuffle.

Surveillance video footage shows the unnamed woman’s horrified face and screams of fear as she subsequently reached for the glass door and tried to shut it, but was overpowered by the men.

The mom was then wrestled to the floor by her attackers, who bound their victim’s hands and legs to stop her from moving.

According to network tv El Doce that shared the video, her sons locked themselves in a bedroom located in the second floor of the family home and alerted their father.

While the two men pinned her to the ground, the third suspect went through the home and took a PlayStation, a computer, and cash.

The suspects were later engaged in a shootout by police, resulting in injuries and arrest of a man as his other accomplices fled and are still at large.

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The distraught woman suffered from a heart attack several hours after the incident and was rushed to a local medical facility, where she spent two days under intensive care.

The victim’s husband Fernando Vicente blamed himself for the incident and said that it was him who left the door open which resulted in burglars entering the home through it.


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