Thursday, January 20, 2022

Woman speaks about living in “the coldest town” in the Earth


A video of a woman speaking on how she grew up in “the coldest town” of the world namely Yakutia in Russia.

Kiun B, in a five-minute YouTube video, claimed that Yakutia is ‘the coldest town’ on the earth. The video got more than 7.9 million views and hundreds of comments.

Yakutia, which is also referred to as Sakha, is located in the Russian Far East, along the Arctic Ocean. It has a population of roughly 1 million.

“Have you ever imagined a life when you can go outside only for a few minutes at a time to avoid frostbite? The extremely low temperatures are cold enough to car batteries and freeze people to death,” the woman said. “But the residents of Yakutia are experts at surviving harsh winters, where temperatures plummet to -70 degrees Celcius,” she said.

Kiun B mentioned that people wear thick furs and build houses in a way to endure icy environments. She said that the shoes are made of reindeer skin.

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The netizens were taken aback by the lifestyle of the inhabitants living in the “coldest town” of the earth.

“It’s amazing how even in the harshest environments, people go on with their lives and manage to survive. life always finds a way,” a user wrote. Another netizen found this to be a fascinating way of living, adding that he can barely tolerate temperatures below 15.5° C.

A Canadian social media user said he often claims about winter when we temperature drops to -30° C.


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