Friday, February 3, 2023

Woman shares how her mother took phone’s photocopy to send photo stored in it


A post has gone viral on the social media platform that was about a mother who took a photocopy of her phone to share a photo that was stored in it to her daughter via mail.

A woman from the US state of Utah named Marti Woolford was amused when received a letter from her mother that consisted of a photocopy of her iPhone screen. It emerged that Marti Woolford’s mother photocopied her phone’s screen and mailed it to share a photo with her.

woman phone photocopy photo viral post

The woman wrote on Twitter, “Today I received in the mail a letter from my mom. It was a photocopy of her phone-she wanted to share a picture that is on her phone with me. A picture that is on her phone. She photocopied her phone and mailed this to me.”

She mentioned that it was a photo of actress Jane Powell and Geary Steffin from their 1949 wedding.

“My mom, in her unique cursive writing, was saying that her mom used to tell her she looked like Jane Powell & she can now see the resemblance. Jane Powell passed on 9/16/2021,” she added.

“I just let my mom know that she has made thousands of people happy and that her penmanship is very appreciated.”

In another tweet, she said that “My mom just informed me that she did not consider any other way to share this photo except to photocopy it and mail it.”

The post has garnered over 251 thousand likes and 19,000 retweets.


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