Thursday, June 24, 2021

WATCH: Woman rescued after getting stuck in middle of flood stream


In a heart-stopping moment captured on camera, a woman was rescued in a heroic effort after she got trapped in the middle of a flooded stream while hanging with a tree. 

A video of the entire rescue effort carried out in Texas state of the United States was captured on camera by a local identified as Howard VanCleave.

The incident occurred after a woman’s car was swept away by floodwater and she got hold of a bunch of a tree to avoid further harm.

The report in local media said that she tried to drive through the aggressive stream in her car but it got swept away forcing her to jump from it and hold a tree branch to remain afloat.

The video shows a rescue official trying to throw a rope at the woman, who is neck-deep in water, to allow her to swim across to the bank.

It shows the rescue official reaching her out with a rope and helping her in wearing a life jacket. Later, the official ties the woman to himself and prepares to swim back to the bank.

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The stream is so aggressive that they barely manage to keep their balance and struggle to remain afloat. They gradually managed to get out of the stream safely.

A report said that the woman was “not hurt but was a little shaken up”. The authorities have asked area residents to stay away from floodwaters, saying the incident could have been much worse in case of a delay and could lead to a loss of human life.

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