Monday, December 6, 2021

WATCH: Woman saves elderly man in wheelchair rolling down escalator


BEIJING: A woman became an unexpected hero after she saved an elderly man in a wheelchair rolling down an escalator in southwest China.

In the footage, an elderly man can be seen accidentally rolling down the escalator in a supermarket in Kaili, Guizhou province. After hearing his scream, a woman rushes to stop the wheelchair from rolling using her body.


Once she checks on the man, she runs towards the escalator to pick up a child who had also fallen. Another woman continues to stay with the man.

“I didn’t care if I’d get hurt, I just wanted to save them,” the woman was quoted as saying by South China Morning Post.

The man was not injured in the accident. The boy received minor injuries.

As the video started doing rounds on social media, the woman was praised for saving the lives of the man and the child. The video has been viewed more than 10,300 times.

One user said, “Good Samaritan!” Another wrote, “A perfect save and spontaneous catch/block risking herself. The woman in red looks like going the other direction at the beginning, but she also joined soon later to the rescue mission.”

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