Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Woman saves son from snake in nick of time, video goes viral


A woman is being lauded by netzines who saved her son from a charging snake, most likely to be a cobra, that was about to bite the little boy.

The video of woman’s bravely has gone viral on social media. The footage has been captured by a CCTV installed in an area in Karnataka’s Mandya, India, according to social media users who have posted it on various platforms.

In the viral video, woman and her son can be seen coming out of their home. A snake is seen crossing the path at the same time. The snake is very close to the step outside their house. The boy crosses the step and that’s when the snake, detecting the presence of a human, recoils and spreads its hood in self defence.

The boy gets scared and tries to run back inside the house by jumping over the snake. That’s when the woman, applying her presence of mind, grabs and pulls the boy away from the harm’s way. She holds him up on her shoulder and runs to safety.


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