Thursday, October 6, 2022

Woman escapes serious injury as venomous spider crawls into her ear


Doctors have successfully removed the venomous brown recluse spider which crawled inside a woman’s ear before it causes a serious injury to her.

The incident took place in Kansas City when Missouri woman, Susie Torres, felt some discomfort in her ear after waking up on Tuesday morning.

Torres told local station WDAF-TV, “I woke up Tuesday hearing a bunch of swooshing and water in my left ear. It was like when you went swimming and you have all of that water in your ear.”

She immediately rushed to her physician for having a medical check-up where a medical assistant discovered something strange.

“She ran out and said I’m going to get a couple more people. She then said, ‘I think you have an insect in there,’” said Torres.

“She came back in and told me it was a spider,” Torres said, admitting she is particularly terrified of those creatures.

Later, the doctors worked their magic and removed the creepy-crawly creature, which was a brown recluse spider.

The brown recluse spider is a species with a bite that can cause stinging pain and severe lesions that require medical attention, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Fortunately, the venomous spider didn’t bite Torres.

While talking to media after the successful medical procedure, Torres said, “I went and put some cotton balls in my ears last night. I`m shaking off my clothes, and I don’t put my purse on the floor. I’m a little more cautious.”


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