Friday, October 22, 2021

REVEALED: World’s most powerful passports


Japan and Singapore topped the Henley Passport Index, a list that ranks countries that are best for travel with an on-arrival visa policy at this moment.

Japan and Singapore shared the first position with 192 points while Germany and South Korea took the second position with 190 points.

With 189 points, third place was taken by Finland, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain whereas Austria and Denmark were fourth with 188 points each. Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden had 187 points and were in the fifth position.

Pakistan was placed at number 113 with 32 points.

Iran and Afghanistan were at the bottom of the list.

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The list mentions that the countries that had strict coronavirus travel policies had better ranking compared to the rest.

Japan and Singapore have banned nearly every country from entry whereas Germany has approximately 100 countries on its list.

Egypt, which is placed at number 97, has no restriction policy as of this moment but its nationals are allowed to go to 51 destinations without an advance visa. Kenya has a similar policy but it has more countries to travel on its list.

Experts have set a theory that restrictive policies that were implemented by the countries that were initially exercised to control the pandemic from spread are currently being applied conveniently applied to restrict mobility from the southern region.

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