Thursday, January 27, 2022

WATCH: ‘World strongest girl’ chops down tree, dents steel door with fists


A 12-year-old girl had been dubbed the ‘world strongest girl’ for her surprising boxing skills who could chop down trees and dent a steel door with her fists.

A special talent, Evnika Saavakass gained boxing fame after she threw 100 punches in just a minute in a video five years ago when she was eight-year-old.

world strongest girl chops down tree dents steel door boxing skills evnika saavakass

The ‘world strongest girl’ now looks unrecognisable while punching down a tree and denting a steel door in a video.

Evnika Saavakass is the daughter of a professional boxing coach named Rustram Saadvakass in Russia who spotted her talents.

The girl, 12, trains five days a week with her father, mother and seven siblings in Russia’s Voronezh.

Most of the family’s training takes place outside in the woods surrounding their home, using trees as punching bags, The Sun reported.

The video showed a clip of Evnika Saavakass dubbed ‘world strongest girl’ chopping down a tree with only her fists in under a minute at age eight.


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