Monday, January 17, 2022

Visit from world’s most dangerous bird leaves man in shock


A carpenter was shocked when the world’s most dangerous bird Cassowary strolled into his workshop in Julatten, north Queensland in Australia.

Cassowaries are considered to be the deadliest bird on the globe. They can stand as tall as 1.8 metres and weigh up to 70 kilograms. Their claws can grow as long as 10 centimetres and they can give powerful kicks.

Tony Fleming said over a period of a year or so the Cassowary would wander around my property, chewing up plums and whatever it feeds on. Then one day it just meandered into my shed.

The carpenter did admit he was initially alarmed, but later realised that Cassowary just wanted to inspect his workshop.

“I had friends down the road who had never seen the Cassowary. One of them was a photographer so they came around and took a photo,” he said.

Tony further said that the bird did have an aggressive side and did not get along with all the locals. “A guy at the local pub had been attacked. He was wandering down the road and this thing came for him. He survived. He was all right,” he said.


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