Thursday, June 30, 2022

‘Gaming addict’ turns out to be murderer of mother, 3 siblings


LAHORE: Police claimed on Thursday to have resolved the murder case of a lady doctor and her three children whose bullet-riddled bodies were found from their house in Lahore’s Gajjumata.

The police said the deceased woman’s son Zain- a gaming addict- turned out to be the murder during the investigation.

Zain, a gaming addict, murdered his mother and three siblings after he was stopped from playing the online game, a police official said.

On Jan 19, the bullet-riddled bodies of a mother and her three children were found in their house in Gajjumata, Kahna.

The bodies of Dr Naheed Mubarik (40) and her three children including two daughters Mahnoor (16), Jannat Fatima (8) and son Taimur (21) were found from the house.

Last year in April, a young man, said to be a mobile game addict, had killed his brother, sister, sister-in-law and friend in Lahore after his family told him not to play the online game.

According to the police, the man opened fire after a brawl with his family members over a game, in Lahore’s Nawa Kot neighbourhood, as a result of which four people were killed.


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