Friday, May 27, 2022

‘I cannot be a monkey on his back’: Zareen Khan about Salman Khan


Bollywood actor Zareen opened about her association with superstar Salman Khan in a recent outing, “Salman is a friend and just a phone call away” disclosed the celeb.

Indian actor Zareen Khan who made her Bollywood debut alongside Salman Khan in historical action drama ‘Veer’ in 2010 spoke at lengths about his connection with the star in the recent conversation with an Indian tabloid.

“Salman is an amazing person but he is also a busy man. I cannot be a monkey on his back and bother him for little things”, Zareen stated, “Salman is a friend and just a phone call away but I’m not pestering him. And that undermines the struggle, the hard work that I’ve done”.

The ‘1921’ lead expressed her annoyance over people for discrediting her survival and hard work in Bollywood, “I’m thankful to Salman because I would’ve never entered the industry if it was not for me. He gave me an entrance to the industry. But my struggle started after I became a part of the industry because then I knew nothing. A lot of people to date think that all the work I do is through him and that’s not true”.

The actor further addressed the ‘rat-race’ in the industry, “I’ve always been very content in my own space. So, I have never been in any race. But I do think I’m quite replaceable, right now. Unless you are an A-lister, people won’t wait for you”.

On the work front, Khan last appeared in ‘Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele’ last year that premiered on streaming platform Hotstar. In her short career span, Zareen Khan has done films in over four languages.


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