Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Viral video: Zebra saves his friend from the lioness’ clutches


A courageous and heartwarming video of a zebra saving his friend from the clutches of lioness has gone viral on the internet.Video shows a zebra fighting the lioness who had caught his friend as her dinner. 

In an attempt to save his friend, the zebra hit the lioness with his hind legs which resulted in her running away from the scene.

Here is the video posted on Twitter by a user in India.

 Friends are next to the family when we are away from home. They will stand with you and protect you, no matter what. Such an irreplaceable bond is often very hard to find.Like in humans, even animals have such bonds between.

The above-mentioned video is just the right example of the friendship that is being talked about. Being one of the most courageous and heartwarming videos, it went viral as soon as it was posted on the microblogging site. Till now, it has gotten 6700 views along with 105 retweets and 520 likes.

As far as the netizens are concerned, they absolutely loved the video. Many of them commented on the purity of the relationship shown by the zebra, which one would rarely see in human relationships.


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