Monday, September 26, 2022

Zoya Nasir shares a fun fact about ‘Dhoop Kinare’


Actress Zoya Nasir is being praised by drama fans over her portrayal of a damsel in distress in ARY Digital play ‘Hania’.

Few people know that she is the daughter of famed film writer Nasir Adib (writer of Maula Jatt) so the world of showbiz is nothing new for the lady.

Zoya, who has her fair share of fans on Instagram too, shared a fun fact about her life related to the PTV’s classic platy ‘Dhoop Kinare’

The actress on Thursday revealed that her parents named her Zoya after Dhoop Kinare’s leading lady Dr Zoya Ali Khan (played by Marina Khan).

“True story.. they know it’s a Russian name but they don’t know what it means to this day. I once googled and the meaning would’ve been adored by me in my teenage,” Zoya added in the caption.

Zoya (Russian: Зоя) is a feminine Russian and Ukrainian first name, a variant of Zoe, meaning “life”. In Greek, it means “life”.

Dhoop Kinare- the 1987 PTV show centered on a team of doctors in a hospital in Karachi and revolves around their routines at the hospital and their private lives at home- was a huge hit.

The show with another PTV hit ‘Tanhaiyaan’ have been selected by PTV to air in Saudi Arabia this year.

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