Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Air ambulance on way to fly Umer Sharif to US


KARACHI: The air ambulance to fly the Comedy King, Umer Sharif, to the United States for his treatment is on its way to Karachi from Manila after a reported hours-long delay on Sunday, ARY News reported.

After his visa was approved earlier this month from the US Consulate the veteran comedian Umer Sharif has been ready to get his treatment from the US as he had fallen sick and his health continues to this day to decline.

His air ambulance shall reach Karachi at 11:20 am, the sources privy to the development have told ARY News.

It was reported yesterday that legendary comedian Umer Sharif’s departure to the United States for medical treatment was once again delayed after the flight schedule of the air ambulance changed.

Umer Sharif’s departure to US delayed for hours

The delay was announced by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which said that air ambulance would now land at the Karachi airport at 11:00 am on Monday (today) as opposed to its previous schedule of September 26 at midnight.

The air ambulance has been permitted to land at the Karachi airport by the aviation authorities as its stay would be for an hour. It would leave the airport at 12:20 pm.

Previously it was reported that an air ambulance booked to take ailing Umer Sharif abroad for medical treatment will land at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi on 26 September (today).


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