Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Ali Zaidi lambasts Zardari for badmouthing Gen. Faiz Hamed


PTI leader Ali Zaidi has said that the PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari is criticising a three-star general on national television, ARY News reported. 

According to details, Ali Zaidi responded to Asif Ali Zardari’s press conference on Wednesday and said that Zardari’s comments about corps commander Peshwar is an effort to weaken our institutions.

Ali Zaidi said that DG ISPR made it very clear that our armed forces should not be dragged into political matters. Zardari’s remarks about ‘sidelining’ a particular general are shocking and PTI condemns it, he added.

He pointed out that it is not the first time that he or his alliants have attacked national institutions. Memogate happened in the PPP era while the PML-N Vice president Maryam Nawaz has been targeting our armed forces in her recent speeches, he said.

These people have maligned the image of our forces by naming generals in their speeches but PTI did not do any such thing, he added.

Criticizing the PM’s recent visit to London Ali Zaidi said that the whole cabinet used to run to Dubai in the PPP era and now it has run toward London.

‘Half of Pakistan’s financial issues would be resolved if Zardari gifts ‘Saray Mehal’ to Pakistan.’

Ali Ziadi added that Zardari talks about giving overseas Pakistanis ‘special seats’, ‘are overseas Paksitanis minorities?’ he questioned.

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He said that Asif Ali Zardari is so incompetent that he could not even find the murderers of his wife Benazir Bhutto and his brother-in-law Murtaza Bhutto.

Taking to Finance Minister Miftah Ismail he said that he would provide proof of his money laundering to Afghanistan.

Ali Zaidi criticised the ECP’s decision regarding estranged PTI members and said that it shows that the ECP is biased against us.


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