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Avatar: The Way of Water nearly didn’t happen, here’s why


Hollywood director James Cameron said he was unwilling to work on Avatar: The Way of the Water till finding out the recipe behind the prequel’s success. 

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He made the revelation in an interview.

“When I sat down with my writers to start Avatar 2, I said we cannot do the next one until we understand why the first one did so well,” he said. “We must crack the code of what the hell happened.”The Titanic director said that movies work on different level. The first one being the character and problem. The second is the film’s theme and the message it conveys. 

He claimed Avatar has a third level, which is the subconsious.

“I wrote an entire script for the sequel, read it and realized that it did not get to level three. Boom. Start over. That took a year,” he said.


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He said that he nearly fired the sequel’s writers for not focusing the element which made Avatar a hit.

“When I sat down to write the sequels, I knew there were going to be three at the time and eventually it turned into four, I put together a group of writers and said, ‘I don’t want to hear anybody’s new ideas or anyone’s pitches until we have spent some time figuring out what worked on the first film, what connected, and why it worked’,” he said.

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He added: “They kept wanting to talk about the new stories. I said, ‘We aren’t doing that yet.’ Eventually I had to threaten to fire them all because they were doing what writers do, which is to try and create new stories. I said, ‘We need to understand what the connection was and protect it, protect that ember and that flame.'”

Avatar: The Way of the Water will release on December 16 this year.



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