Monday, September 27, 2021

Aymen Saleem is ‘back and here to stay’ months after quitting showbiz


Actor Aymen Saleem has confirmed that she is coming ‘back’ to showbiz just two months after she announced that she is quitting the entertainment industry.

Days after appearing on a local talk show where she spilt the beans about her decision to quit just one project in and said that she wanted to “step back and reevaluate” what she wanted, Aymen Saleem took to Instagram on Tuesday to confirm that she is, in fact, ready to come back

“Yes guys it’s true, I’m back and here to stay InshaAllah,” she said on her Instagram story.

She said that her fans’ “unconditional love” for her has filled her with happiness and gratitude, implying that their support is what made her decide to come back. “I couldn’t be more excited for what’s next!” added the 25-year-old.


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Aymen had first hinted at a comeback on fellow actor Ahsan Khan’s talk show where she had explained her short-lived hiatus, saying, “I am from a corporate background, so coming into the industry I wasn’t fully prepared… I have done investment banking in New York, I have done consulting, my field was totally different.”

“Coming into showbiz is a completely different ball game altogether… I wasn’t really sure, whether I want to do it or not. Because it was just so much and I am very thankful for it, I was really humbled by it,” she added.

Earlier in July, Aymen had announced that she is quitting her acting career after a short-lived stint in the entertainment world.


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Saleem, who gained popularity after a special Ramazan serial on a local TV channel, had shocked fans after she announced her decision to quit. “It is with deep gratitude that I’d like to share that I will no longer be acting,” she said. read more

“I have tremendous love and respect for the industry and will stay connected to it InshaAllah,” said Saleem, who is an Ivy League graduate from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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