Monday, June 27, 2022

Bihar: Doctors remove glass tumbler from man’s colon


A team of doctors removed a glass tumbler from a man’s colon, who was admitted to a private hospital in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur on Sunday over a complaint of acute constipation and abdominal pain.

The doctors were left stunned as to how the object made its way into the patient’s colon?

Dr. Makhdulul Haq, who headed the team of surgeons, said the patient hails from Mahua in the adjoining Vaishali district in Bihar and his ultrasound and X-ray reports had shown that something was seriously amiss with his intestines.

Sharing footage of the surgery taken before the operation with the media, the head surgeon said, how the glass tumbler ended up inside, is at present a mystery.

The patient upon being asked said he swallowed the tumbler while having tea. That is, however, not a convincing explanation, Dr Haq said and went on to say the food pipe of a human being is too narrow for the object.

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Dr Haq said the patient is stable and added that recovery is likely to be time-taking since after the surgery the colon has been sutured and a fistular opening has been created through which he can pass stool.

Although the patient had regained consciousness after the operation, neither he nor his family members were willing to speak to the media.


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