Friday, October 7, 2022

Bird strikes: Operations suspended at Lahore airport during 5-8 am


The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has banned flight landings and takeoffs from 5-8 am at the Lahore Airport to avoid bird strikes, ARY News reported. 

According to details, the CAA issues a notum to ensure safe air travel at the Lahore airport after over 30 incidents of bird strikes with planes in the last few weeks. All takeoff and landing on the Lahore Airport between 5-8 am will be banned from July 11, 2022, the notum said.

According to a spokesperson of CAA, all domestic and international will have to comply with the policy. The ban will be in place for two months and all authorities have been ordered strictly to comply with the policy, a CAA spokesperson added.

Only flights in an emergency would be allowed to land at the Allama Iqbal International Airport during the two-month period, they added. The number of birds has increased drastically due to the start of monsoons.

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The CAA has also initiated an awareness campaign regarding flight safety. PIA has changed its flight schedule to comply with the new policy.

As many as 48 planes of foreign and national airlines had been affected by bird strikes from January 2022 to May 2022, and several of them were damaged causing huge financial losses to the airlines.


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