Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Birds’ presence at Lahore airport runway delays flight landing


KARACHI: In a usual incident, an international flight’s landing was delayed at Lahore International airport due to the presence of birds at the runway, ARY News reported on Sunday. 

As per details, an international flight from Muscat was forced to fly in the air due to the birds’ presence at the Lahore airport’s runway.

The pilot of flight no341 contacted the ATC officer and informed him about the presence of the birds on the runway. Acting on the complaint, the birds were removed from the runway and the flight was able land after flying for more than one and half hours around Lahore airport.

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Yesterday, a plane of a private airline suffered serious damage after a bird hit near Lahore airport.

The flight PF-143 with 120 passengers on board was coming from Karachi to Lahore when a bird hit struck it.

However, the pilot of the aircraft successfully landed at Lahore airport. Subsequently, the technical staff after examining the condition of the aircraft grounded it.

It may be noted on Saturday, three flights were canceled due to bird hit cases at Lahore and Karachi airports.


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