Thursday, January 20, 2022

Karachi family, suspect & passerby injured in gunfight during robbery


KARACHI: In the event of an alleged robbery taking place Sunday at a signal of Sunset Boulevard area of Defense, the victim family in the car and the alleged robbers exchanged fire that resulted in multiple people ending up injured including one passerby, ARY News reported quoting local police.

The alleged robbers ambushed the car stopped at a red signal and attempted to rob the family inside but as soon as the suspects tried to escape the man in the car wielded his gun and fired at them injuring at least one, said the police that reached the scene.

The injured suspect was caught by the police, who also recovered the robbed belongings and returned it to the rightful owners, while one on the bike fled the scene, police claimed.

Police also added that in the exchange of fire, one passerby was also caught in and conceded a bulled.

On the other hand, the victim family members were also injured in the firing returned by the fleeing suspects, police said. Both the man and the woman have endured bullet wounds and have been shifted to a private hospital near the Kala Pull area.

Karachi cop succumbs to bullet wound in gunfight with suspects

In what exposes the precarious law and order situation and the sensitive incidence of street crimes, just earlier today, in a gunfight between the cops and alleged six dacoits, mugging people on the streets in the Galla Mandi area of Landhi, at least one personnel plunged to death after taking a bullet in his leg that caused immense blood loss.

The police party reached the scene where mugging was taking place in real-time, said the officials.

The encounter with the suspects ensued a gunfight that left one cop, identified as one Hamza, injured with a bullet wound, the police added. Hamza later succumbed to the wound-led damages.


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