Wednesday, December 1, 2021

India floods does not stop this bridegroom from getting married


A couple came to their wedding temple in a boat because of heavy rainfall and landslides in the Kerala state of India.

It story was reported for the Thalavady village located in the Alappuzha district.

Television footage showed the newlyweds coming to the matrimonial site in a large aluminium cooking vessel. They were a limited number of relatives and guests invited to the wedding ceremony under the safety guidelines set by the government to tackle the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

It was mentioned that the media had to cover the rising levels of floodwater to report the story.

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The married couple, speaking to the media, had stated that they decided that the marriage should not be postponed as it was an auspicious occasion did not want to postpone it.

Akash and Aishwarya are both health care workers at a hospital located in Chengannur municipality in the district.

According to the report, the husband and wife said that there was no floodwater in the temple when they arrived a few days ago but the situation was different after heavy rains and landslides affected the village in Kerala.

India has been experiencing deadly landslides in recent days where people have been reported drowned or gone missing.

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