Sunday, February 5, 2023

Burger restaurant bans dine-in for under-18-year-olds


A restaurant in the United States is refusing dine-in facilities for under 18-year-olds unless they are accompanied by parents or legal guardians.

The announcement was made in a statement on Facebook. It was stated that customers used to smoke marijuana in their restroom, which used to get occupied with more than a person at a time as well.

The statement also stated that e-cigarettes were being used inside their premises while its trade was happening in the parking lot.

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The restaurant added that mustards and ketchup used to get squirted on bottles and places whereas french fries were thrown at the employees as well. It mentioned that they used to find and scrape candy which was found on the ceilings.

The burger joint claimed that drinks were being stolen from fridges and fountains while inappropriate language was used against the employees. It further stated that the under 18-year-old customers used to put their feet on the table.

It also said that they used to make other customers from dining in their eatery with their rude behaviour and foul language.

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They further mentioned that the eatery was not getting respect.

Their Facebook page further mentioned that they were tolerating such behaviour for the past two years. It stated that such measures have been taken for safety.

“It is not our intent to exile the youth in our community but to protect our property. Some of their actions are unlawful and we won’t allow it,” the statement read.

It was further stated that they have problems with young people vandalizing the area at night. It mentioned that security cameras will be installed for apprehending the perpetrators.


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