Sunday, September 25, 2022

Woman orders food from restaurant at gunpoint, clip goes viral


An unidentified woman in the United States ordered her food at gunpoint after a restaurant of a mall got closed for operations early.

The video, taken from a surveillance camera, sees the suspect – with a man standing next to her – waiting impatiently to place her order at a restaurant in Philadelphia state. She took out her gun from her bag and began showing it to the employees.

The workers were told to close the eatery for customers around 5 pm instead of 10 pm for staff issues and the customers were being asked to place their orders online.

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An employee told the media that the suspect was demanding to speak to the manager with the gun in her hand. During the commotion, the cashier pressed the emergency button to alert the mall security over the incident.

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She also issued threats to the restaurant employees by saying that they will be in trouble if she does not get her food.

She left the store after getting her ordered food. Police are searching for the suspect and an investigation was launched.


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